Tuesday, 30 September 2014

My Italian Pilgrimage - 800kms Italy to Nice in 2014

In August-September 2014, I walked from Assisi in Italy to Nice on the French Italian border. It is part of a longer pilgrimage I intend to complete one day, which will continue on to Santiago de Compostella, in Spain, another 2000kms or so.

This is the route I walked. Distances are for walking, along minor dirt or paved roads and forest paths. Distances are not direct but often through other scenic spots.

From Assisi to La Verna is the reverse of a popular pilgrimage route (the via di Francesco - a route that Francis of Assisi walked). From Siena north, I walked along the via Francigena (again in reverse) to Sazarna, changing across to the Via del a Costa until I reached Nice, in France. Exactly 800 years ago, Francis of Assisi walked a similar route to Santiago de Compostela. (There are Italian language guidebooks to these routes available in Italy).

I made a number of audio posts and video posts for family and friends (although I found the video posts too large to load easily, so didn't make many of them).
audio log or video log

Photos from stage 1 - the Via Francesco This was the first stage of my pilgrimage - from Assisi to Florence - the reverse direction of the pilgrimage route called the Via di Francesco (from LaVerna to Assisi). Click here to see the photos. From early August.

Photos from stage 2 - Via Francigena Late August 2014 I walked a section of the Via Francigena - from Siena to Sarazana (just over 200kms). This is the second stage of my pilgrimage from Asssisi to Santiago de Compostela. The full Via Francigena runs from Canterbury in England to Rome. I met three people who were walking the full VF. Click here to view photos

Photos from stage 3 - the via della Costa The third stage of my pilgrimage - about 300kms from Sarzana to Ventimiglia, near the French border. Once at Ventimiglia, it was a delight to spend 12 days at the ecovillage Torri Superiore. Click here to view photos

Various pilgrim emotions Well, there are plenty more - but here's a sample. Click here to see photos

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